Reaching Out to Serve the Special Needs Community

Part of this year’s commitment to expanding the number of students with special needs that we can serve is to partner with other communities. For example, the cities of Cypress and Buena Park often work together to promote one another’s classes. Last week we reached out to the city of Cypress to see if they would cosponsor our class in Buena Park. The two cities are close in proximity and as stated above, often work together. We were a bit disappointed to find out that Cypress will not be cosponsoring us at this time. They are unsure whether or not their current Karate instructor will be leaving and are hopeful that a new instructor will offer an adaptive class as well. We wish them luck in their search for a new instructor and hope that they will be able to offer a special needs class whether or not it is provided by Unlimited Possibilities.
The next community we plan to reach out to is the city of Cerritos. We have been informed that Cerritos excels in the number of programs it offers to those with special needs. Currently, they do not have have a martial arts program, so hopefully we will be able to fill this need.
Be sure to watch for our next blog as it will help you understand a little better what exactly we are teaching. And no, it’s not Karate.

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