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Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not good at keeping people informed about what is going on with me. Hence, the long period of time without a new post. Well, with the new year comes a chance to do many things better. So, here’s to keeping you informed about what’s going on with Unlimited Possibilities.
First an update on the end of last year. On Dec. 7th, 2014, Team UPMA once again was part of the annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks. As usual, it was a great event. There were vendors from all over Southern California and hundreds of new friends to meet. We had a booth complete with a punch out type game where everyone could earn prizes just by doing the most basic move in all of martial arts. It was a big hit! On top of that, Team UPMA was able to raise $820.00 for Autism Speaks. Money that will be spent on research and providing services to people with autism in our community. We owe a big thanks to our friends at Koral US for donating one of their amazing gis for our raffle and to our brothers and sisters at Brazilian Top Team Long Beach for all of their support.
We all thoroughly enjoyed a break over the holidays to spend time with family. Come the first week of January, we were back to it with all of those bright, shining faces returning along with a few faces that had been absent for a long time. With the new year comes new goals. Our number one goal this year is to increase the number of students that we serve. Martial arts has so many benefits to the individual and we want to share those benefits with a community that is grossly under served, the special needs community. Our biggest obstacle is getting the word out. There are thousands of people in Orange County and Long Beach that can benefit from our classes, we just need to let them know that we exist. This includes bringing fliers to Regional Center and partnering with community centers in different cities.
We hope that 2015 will bring great things for Unlimited Possibilities and that we can truly live up to our name. Stay tuned for more of what we have planned for 2015 and updates on our progress. As always, we welcome your feedback and assistance in helping us grow.

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