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World Special Jiu Jitsu Championship

Once again, UPMA brought a large group of students to compete in the SJJIF Wolrd Special Jiu Jitsu Championship. Once again, our students shined for all the world to see. This was yet again a unique opportunity for the adaptive warriors of UPMA to go out and experience things that others take for granted. It…

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On Oct, 29, UPMA brought 9 athletes to compete at the SJJIF World Special Needs tournament with great success. It was truly touching to see the impact this one of a kind event had not only on our athletes, but on everyone in attendance that day. This is the first time that the SJJIF has…

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Introducing Ryan

This is Ryan. He likes Gene Simmons, watching Buena Park TV, and doing martial arts. He has been enrolled at Unlimited Possibilities for about 4 years now and is a yellow belt, something of which he is very proud . He also has Soto Syndrome, a disorder characterized by a distinctive facial appearance, overgrowth in…

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Grappler’s Heart Tournament 3.0

The third edition of the Grappler’s Heart Tournament took place this past weekend in New York City. It is great to see some familiar faces as well several new competitors taking part. This tournament continues to be the only one of it’s kind geared toward people with disabilities. Congratulations to all of the competitors! Hopefully,…

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We’re Growing!

What a blessing. As of 3/29/17, both beginning classes are full. It’s time to bring in more help and think about adding more classes. Volunteers do not need martial arts experience. A patient heart and an energetic spirit are all you need. Please contact coach Kristen directly if you are interested . Any new classes…

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Exciting News

Stay tuned for news about our next competition opportunity!

Adaptive Athletes Come to Orange County

You’ve heard us talk about the benefits of a martial arts program several times now. You may even have followed some of the links that took you to more in depth articles. Now here is a chance to see first hand how martial arts and specifically jiu jitsu can benefit people with disabilities. This is…

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Physical Benefits of Enrolling a Child in Jiu Jitsu

In the past, we have covered many of the reasons why Jiu Jitsu is good for kids. We have looked specifically at how it is beneficial for kids with disabilities in the fact that it builds confidence, etc. We have not taken an in depth look at how it is physically beneficial. Here is an…

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Our amazing Assistants

The only way that UPMA is able to operate is with the help of some amazing people. People who are willing to give up their free time to help others. One of those people is 12 year old Ryan Movchan. His gi sponsor, Moya Brand, recently did an article about him. Please click the link below…

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