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The main thing that keeps people with special needs out of sports is the lack of programs willing to support them.

Million Americans live with a disability
Million of them are kids
Thousand children in OC live with a major disability
Martial arts academies in OC specialize in serving people with special needs

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the special needs communities of North Orange County and Long Beach

  • It takes a little extra work and some patience to teach them, but the reward is great both for the teacher and for the student.

    — Kristen Davidson, UP-MA Lead Instructor —
  • Martial arts can help an individual grow inside and out. Anything is possible.

    — Kristen Davidson, UP-MA Lead Instructor —



An integration of Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this program benefits both the body and the mind. Students will develop increased strength, balance, and coordination while learning focus and discipline. Cooperation and mutual benefit for other students will be encouraged to help promote social skills.

Through our program students will gain:



Social Skills

Strength & Balance

Core Strengthening

Gross Motor Skills

Proprioceptive Awareness

Self Defense Skills


Adaptability is key in teaching those with special needs. We keep class sizes small to ensure a positive and fun experience for everyone.

What our Clients say

  • Finding Ms. Davidson was a godsend. She has helped our daughter, not only with her coordination, but with her confidence. She now feels empowered and feels like she is capable of doing any tasks.

    — Reggie T. —

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